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By: Gina Jadelis, Class of 2018 Packing— a college student’s hardest task. Am I bringing too much? Did I pack enough? I think I need my mom’s help… all thoughts that run through our heads when we pack. That time of the year is approaching where the walls of our dorm rooms are being undressed…

Happy National Coffee Day

By Gina Jadelis Coffee— it’s the common denominator for all college students. We drink it in the morning to wake us up, throughout the day to keep us going, and late at night to push us through those all nighters.  The caffeine pulses through our veins and allows us to ace our classes, AND work…

Spotlight: Abbie Tyler & Katherine Hines

By: Jennifer Nevin
Each semester hundreds of students travel abroad to explore the unique culture and architecture. Our students develop an extremely loving relationship with the city where they study. To capitalize on this adoration, River + Stone introduced a series of international t-shirts, highlighting three main abroad locations, London, Paris, and Italy, to allow students to show their love for the city where they explored and studied.