River + Stone Celebrates Alumni Weekend!

RS_RugbyShirt4By: Kasey Curran, Class of 2018

In celebration of Alumni Weekend I reached out to some fellow MPorium Alumni to ask them a few questions about our private label brand, River + Stone. I asked them a series of four questions to gain insight about their current thoughts of the brand and how much it has changed since they were first introduced to River + Stone. Here is what they have had to say:

  1. What year did you graduate from Marist?
    1. Diana: Sadly, I graduated in May of 2017 (cue the tears)
    2. Katie: 2016 baby, still feels like yesterday!
    3. Peter: 2017
  2. How different is River + Stone now, from when you were still a student at Marist?
    1. Diana: It’s crazy that River + Stone has evolved [so much] in over a semester since I was a student on campus! I like how each piece is diverse to reach such a broad audience.
    2. Katie: At first glance I felt super nostalgic seeing new product! It gave me that Marist pride I’m used to feeling every time I come by the store. Since I’ve graduated I can definitely see the forward movement in trend and graphics play. The new [collections] branded inspired graphics are stronger than ever! I’m obsessed with the Red Block ‘Marist’ Tee!
    3. Peter: I can already tell that river + stone has begun to evolve since I graduated Marist (last May). With each season that goes by I notice that river + stone draws more inspiration from industry trends, and this semester I was particularly impressed with the 70’s inspired theme and merchandise. I like how we are adapting to the wants of our market!
  3. What do you think of the new capsule collections River + Stone has released this semester?
    1. Diana: I am in LOVE with the new capsule collections being released this semester. I think it’s amazing that each capsule will be different but still emulates the core beliefs of when River + Stone was first developed. I am definitely jealous that I’m no longer on campus to get my hands on them right away.
    2. Katie: The new line is so fun! There’s [just everything] to love and something there for everyone’s style! You can take any shirt and make it your own!
    3. Peter: I think this semester’s capsule is the best yet! MPorium listened to what people wanted, and they delivered! I liked the idea of seeing our social media go through an evolution of its own and sort of refresh the brand. It got me really excited about the merchandise, especially the Rock Star Alumni shirt!
  4. What is your favorite item of River + Stone that you’ve purchased and why?
    1. Diana: My favorite River + Stone piece I’ve purchased is the short sleeve spring jersey. I like the versatility of the shirt but I can also still show my school spirit without being on campus.
    2. Katie: The best River + Stone item I purchased is the original spirit jersey. I still wear it all the time, I’m all about being comfortable and nothing beats this style!!
    3. Peter: My favorite piece of River + Stone merchandise that I have purchased is the first edition black and red spirit jersey. It had our school’s colors in it, but still reminds of the entrepreneurship that goes into introducing a capsule collection of river and stone to Marist through MPorium. It’s also the piece I’ve had the longest, so there’s some sentiment to it as well.


Alumni are near and dear to our hearts here at MPorium and at Marist, we loved having the opportunity to celebrate them this weekend. The River + Stone Rock Star Alumni Tee is the perfect tribute to all of our Alumni, it is now available at MPorium while supplies last. Better Hurry!

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