Bring Back The Vintage Vibes


By: Eleni Nickolas

Class of 2020 (Social Media Coordinator, Facebook and Instagram)

This year’s marketing campaign is inspired by the 70’s, drawing inspiration from bands and artists that influenced the era.

Our team embraced the vibrant colors and cultural trends of the 70’s to revive MPorium and River + Stone’s marketing strategies, and tactics. This overarching theme creates a cohesiveness between MPorium and River + Stone. River + Stone is our private label brand, which is sold exclusively at MPorium!

Our campaign features River + Stone merchandise in product shots resembling album art work from the decade. This new merchandise includes graphic designs that blend the cultural trends of the 70’s and now.

New capsule collections will be released more often and feature different styles and trends. Each capsule collection is limited in order to create a “get it before it’s gone” mentality.

Stay updated on this season’s newest releases on our MPorium social media. You won’t want to miss out on the latest trends!


Instagram: @maristmporium

Snapchat: @maristmporium

Twitter: @maristmporium

Facebook: Marist Mporium




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