By: Gina Jadelis, Class of 2018

Packing— a college student’s hardest task. Am I bringing too much? Did I pack enough? I think I need my mom’s help… all thoughts that run through our heads when we pack. That time of the year is approaching where the walls of our dorm rooms are being undressed and parents are coming up the weekend before finals to take hauls of clothing home. But what do you leave out? What do you pack in a bag to stay with you that one last week at Marist? Here’s my list of what will be staying with me until after finals!


New to the River + Stone line up is the “Back to Marist.. $2 tank” Come on. We all know that we’re going to miss Phatz and Joe this summer, so it’s a must-have to reminisce all of those fun cab rides this semester. Plus when we’re all stressed during finals week, wearing this tank is sure to crack a smile on someone’s face.


Who wants to wear jeans the week of finals? Not me. The River + Stone joggers are a must, since they can transition from lounging in bed to taking a 2 hour exam quickly. Plus their super lightweight so they aren’t too heavy for the spring.


My River + Stone sunglasses are also staying with me until I pack up my car and head back to Jersey. I need them to block the sun when I’m relaxing on Marist beach… and maybe they’ll hide my bad grades as well!


Finally, my R+S water bottle! It was surprising to many of my friends that this water bottle was my latest River + Stone purchase. But the water bottle trend got the best of me, and I needed a way to keep my drinks cold this summer! I considered ordering an obscenely overpriced one on the internet, but opted for the R+S bottle instead  and couldn’t be happier. Seriously kids, stay hydrated this summer, and this bottle will keep your beverage of choice COLD!

These are just a few of my picks, but obviously whatever you decide to keep with you during finals must mean they have a sense of comfort and are easy to wear— which is what River + Stone is all about.

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