I #RunInRiver+Stone

By: Mariah Christian, class of 2018

As a member of the Cross Country and Track Teams here at Marist College, exercise is important to me.

In High School, my track team participated in Relay for Life. This event was special to us because instead of walking the laps, we pledged to run all night long. Therefore, I am so grateful that Marist participates in Relay for Life every year. Not only does it help raise money that goes toward cancer research, but it also gives students the opportunity to spend the day walking laps outside on the campus green.

It is a fun-filled event with music, dancing, and large teams made up of friends walking for a great cause.  This year MPorium set up a pop-up shop on the 19th of April to sell some of their merchandise. They highlighted the “Foxes Fight Cancer” t-shirts which ties in strongly with Relay for Life. 15% of the proceeds made will be donated to Relay for Life. This t-shirt not only spreads a good message, but also allows myself and other students to show my red fox pride as I run around Poughkeepsie. I am proud to say that I #runinRiver+Stone.

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