D.I.Y. Your Favorite R+S Piece

By: Taylor M Duffany, Class of 2019

Spring is finally here, which means we get to dust the cobwebs off our warm-weather clothes, and all of our favorite River + Stone merchandise, right? But what if you don’t have any, or haven’t done your laundry? Who says you can’t DIY your own River + Stone merchandise to wear around campus? Follow these simple tips to create your own DIY River + Stone clothes to rock!

  1. Grab the piece of clothing that you want to DIY. You can try a t-shirt or a sweatshirt, sweatpants, or an accessory like a bandana! Make sure that it is one of the school colors, red or white! This will help you really get into the school spirit!
  2. Make it your style! If you want to get with the trends, try something oversized, or a high-low shirt for a fun look! If it’s a t-shirt, add some fringe on the bottom, or try to dye it!
  3. Grab your River + Stone logo, this is essential! You can either use paint and a stencil, or a picture that you can iron on. To truly add your artistic taste, you can add designs, or sew in a pocket!
  4. Let it dry, and then rock it around campus! Show us how you, your DIY River + Stone merchandise!

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