The Thread That Ties Us Together

As a young sophomore walking into my first brand rep meeting, I was timid and shy. I signed up to become a brand rep because of my love for River + Stone and desire to have other students share in the excitement of the student enterprise with me. Despite my excitement, I sunk into the chairs of Donnelly as the brand reps talked amongst themselves in our first meeting of the semester. I was new. I was young. I didn’t know anyone. Little did I know that River + Stone was about to thread together some beautiful friendships.


One of the greatest part about being a rep is connecting with other reps and students who are in different grades. This was how I met Katie Kilgallen. Half this campus knows Katie, and if they don’t know her they probably know her voice. I remember Katie frolicking around Welcome Week my freshman year, and thinking “I wish I had that much energy”. Little did I know I was going to have that much energy when I was in her position a year later! Nonetheless, Katie is a crucial part of Marist College and will be missed next year. The days of having wacky photoshoots with her are coming to an end, and I am truly thankful to River + Stone for letting me know her just a bit more.


FrIMG_3062.jpegank is the type of person who could make friends with a wall, I’m not kidding. Since Freshman year, Frank and I exchanged smiles and waves in Lowell Thomas between classes but I never considered us good friends… until we were both brand reps. I knew how infectious his personality was, and how easy it would be to strike up a conversation with him. We bonded over what we were going to select for our photoshoot and we instantly became great friends. Fast forward to when we were both in Florence… both living off the beaten
path. Being away from Marist students abroad was tough, but brought us closer together. Had River + Stone not brought us together, we both would have been walking the streets of Florence lonely and probably hungry (since it was convenient for us to get most of our meals together).


Then there’s Brooke. Is there IMG_3933.jpeganything Brooke and I don’t do together? We are both in tri-sigma, head coaches at the Marist Poll and we even take the same classes. But I couldn’t think of anyone else who I’d rather share the brand rep title with (I mean seriously look at her smile!) Brooke and I always have a good laugh whether it is talking about working a shift or battling how to distribute our business cards fairly. While Brooke and I are involved in many things together, it’s great to be part of such a small, but impactful program on campus with someone so close.

I have met many amazing people through the brand rep program. River + Stone truly is the thread that ties us all together to make one fabulous group.

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