Dear Students,

The River+Stone Brand Representative Program is excited to begin accepting applications for new Brand Representatives for Fall 2017! River+Stone Brand Representatives are a unique blend of students that act as ambassadors for the River+Stone collection, showcasing the merchandise throughout their various academic and social circles.

MPorium is home to River+Stone, which is Marist Fashion’s own private label collegiate collection that students develop in their coursework. The River+Stone Brand Representative Program has a goal of exposing the River+Stone brand to a variety of different student groups. River+Stone Brand Reps act as an ambassador for the unique brand and receive a clothing and accessory allowance each semester to promote the clothing and accessories among their academic and social circles. Brand Representatives post original content to their social networks, participate in photoshoots each semester, and also volunteer at MPorium to expose the River+Stone brand to MPorium’s customers.

Applications for the River+Stone Brand Representative Program can be found using this link.

Applications will open on Sunday, April 1 and will close at 5:00PM on Friday, April 7.


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