Through The Years

After being founded in 1929, Marist College has transformed into one of the leading colleges in art and sciences. While remaining nestled on a 210-acre campus on the Hudson River the school has come along way since being a training school future Marist Brothers. Although the constantly striving to innovate and grow, Marist also focuses on preserving its roots through picturesque architecture, preserved landscape and an exclusive clothing brand, River + Stone. This week at MPorium we invite all to reflect on their time on this beautiful campus and all the changes that have occurred through the years.

As told through the eyes of a graduating senior, below is a list of prominent changes that have happened through the last 4 years at Marist.

1.The inauguration of President David Yellen

Dennis J. Murray (or “DJM”) will always hold a special place at Marist. As one of the longest-serving presidents at Marist College his effect on this campus is insurmountable, however, we welcome President Yellen with open arms and are excited to see how he will change this campus even more!


2. The Rotunda

Let’s never forget the remodeling of the rotunda and the insane amount of time it took. There was a even a Twitter made in honor of its construction.



3)  The retirement of John Gildard

Getting a snow day e-mail is not nearly as exciting when it’s not coming from John Gildard, former head of security. Remember kids, “if you see something, say something.”


4) The new Dining Hall

AKA Hogwarts. Those in the Class of 2017 can remember eating in a tent for the first two weeks of college as we patiently awaited the dining hall’s completion. At least the wait was worth it: shoutout to cupcake Tuesday & the Sushi couple.



5) Gias

Sadly this year we lost our beloved late night pizza spot: P-Ridge. But luckily, Gia’s came to the rescue and offers the same delicious oversized CBR slices and mozzarella sticks.


6) New Gartland

RIP old Garland and your small little white hut-houses. Instead you have been replaced by four massive apartment buildings that shocks and envies every returning alumni. Priority points just got that more competitive.


7) No More Fall Concerts

It used to be a tradition to have a concert every semester on campus. However, the past two years SPC has traded in a more extravagant spring concert in sacrifice of the fall concert. Goodbye to the glory days of raving in the McCann gym.


8) Fashionology became MPorium

Last but not least the on-campus boutique run by students in a retail entrepreneurship went under a complete re-branding. No longer is there small kiosk with a few items under the name of Fashionology. But instead MPorium has become a complete shop with women’s and men’s accessories, beauty, home, stationery, pet and exclusive Marist brand, River + Stone.


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