Did You Know?

By: Nicole Foster, Class of 2018

With both the Semester and month of February in full swing, the spring season is quickly approaching! You may see remnants of snow on the ground now but in a few short weeks we are going to be basking in the sun among the budding flowers. It is not our intention to rush the Winter away (recent snow days have really come to the rescue), however, we do want to prepare you for Spring with a few fun facts about February and River + Stone. 

  1. Did you know that MPorium is now officially open?! February 16th marked this semester’s grand opening of the student-led boutique. This semester there is a ton of new River+Stone apparel, accessories, and other hand-made must-haves to choose from!
  2. A fun fact about this month is that February is actually gets its name after an ancient purification ritual that was considered to be a spring cleaning festival. That means now is the time to have your own ritual and clean up your dorm-room while you are cooped-up indoors so that in the coming weeks you can enjoy the spring sunshine! Also, if you donate some old clothes or trade with your friends,  you are more than deserving to treat yourself to some new Spring-appropriate River + Stone apparel!
  3. February also has a claim to fame as being the most misspelled month in the English language. Spell it with me guys, “Feb-RU-ary”, as in “R U” ready for Spring yet?! To be Spring-Break ready be sure check out MPorium and their latest River+Stone apparel including the classic style Red and White Lifeguard shirt.
  4. Former President Murray was involved with the founding of River+Stone in 2012. 
  5. This February is a particularly special one because it has exactly 4 complete weeks, including Saturday and Sunday. This rarely happens so make the most of it!
  6. This February is also pretty noteworthy because we will have no full moon.

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