Happy Re-Grand Opening!


By: Gina Jadelis, Class of 2018
The bags are unpacked, add-drop week has come and gone, we are finally settled in to the spring semester. There has been one thing missing in the four weeks that we have been back at Marist— Mporium. In the past few years, MPorium has grown from a concept, to being open 3 days a week, and of course their own lifestyle brand, River + Stone. 
Marist students have grown to love River + Stone for more than just the physical apparel. 
Faculty members have embraced the brand and the community based learning the course offers. The students who work on the brand put their whole heart and soul to make something amazing that the rest of the campus will love. The brand rep program includes students who embody the brand from all majors and has broken the barriers between the fashion department and other majors.  Alumni see posts on social media and crave the latest college apparel. The brand is not just for one student or major, it has impacted the entire campus. River + Stone has brought Marist together in an unprecedented way. 
After being abroad for a semester, I missed seeing how Marist students would take River + Stone and showcase their own style. Walking around campus I could see one girl wearing her rugby jersey with leggings and boots, while my fellow brand rep, Frank is spotted wearing the jersey giving a tour. Both giving the jersey their own style while sporting school spirit. THAT is what makes River + Stone so special. We are all united in the Marist family, but we never loose our individuality. 
 I love seeing the new styles River + Stone releases— especially being gone for a semester I have some catching up to do! Just seeing some sneak peaks of the new merchandise, I know that Marist is going to love what River + Stone has for us this semester! 
Snow days, Marist beach days, everyday— River + Stone has something for you. 

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