Hey Shooter, move out of the way the groundhogs are here!


Happy Groundhog Day,

Get ready Red Foxes, we are happy to announce the re-grand opening of MPorium, on February 16, 2017. We will carry new merchandise as well as all your favorite go-to River + Stone pieces. Stop by between 10:30am-5pm to ‘catch’ your must-have items for the season (before the groundhogs get to them!)


Rumor has it that, if Punxsutawney from Pennsylvania emerges from his burrow today then spring will arrive early. If he doesn’t then we’ll have six more weeks of winter. Groundhog day was founded in 1887, when Clymer H. Freas was the editor of the local paper Punxsutawney Spirit; he had been working on an assignment titled “Groundhog Day meteorologist” and created this modern day legend.


Lets all hope Clymer’s theory is true, to enjoy the best assortment mix we have at MPorium.

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