Need Holiday shopping ideas?

By Madison Zoey Vettorino- Class of 2020

img_9888 Between Finals week rapidly approaching, decorating your dorm room, and trying to snap the perfect picture underneath the Marist Christmas tree for Instagram, you have a lot on your mind this holiday season! Luckily, figuring out gifts for the special someone in your life, your family and friends, and even a little something for yourself (let’s face it—you deserve it after the all-nighter you pulled to study for your Statistics final!) doesn’t have to be just another arduous task, thanks to the great collection of designs by River + Stone.

Entirely out of ideas about what to buy that special someone for the Holidays? River + Stone answers that question in an incredibly stylish, yet totally wearable, manner. One of the latest additions to the River + Stone collection, the Coordinates Beer Proof Tee, which features the New York State Outline and makes a perfect gift for that special someone that will make them smile and think of you every time they put it on! Also from the new collection is the Marist 1929 Sweater, a great gift and addition to your winter wardrobe. The 1929 logo makes a subtle statement, and here’s a bonus: this sweater is super soft!

River + Stone also offers an array of adorable and affordable gifts (under $25) that would make a fabulous statement in any grab-bag, or would be ideal for a sibling or best friend! The River + Stone dog sweaters fly off the shelves, and with good reason: they’re perfect for the dog-lover in your life (and really, who isn’t a dog lover?). Pick yours up soon to make sure that you’re able to snag one! Another Holiday-gift giving essential is the River + Stone Canvas Wristlet, which is black and features the signature Marist logo in white embroidery. Stuck on what to get your sister, mother, or friend? Look no further! This chic wristlet is large enough to fit all the essentials, and yet isn’t too bulky! To complete the gift, you can add a necklace or bracelet from River + Stone and put it in the wristlet as a special Holiday surprise. Reusable water bottles are becoming increasingly popular due to their reduced negative impact on the environment, and because of their convenience. The River + Stone water bottle features the Marist logo on the front, and makes an excellent gift for anyone on your Holiday shopping list. It even features a filter. This water bottle boasts an easy-to-replace filter cartridge to ensure quality cleanliness and taste. Whoever receives this gift is sure to love it, because they can flaunt their Marist Red Fox pride and help the environment simultaneously!

Don’t forget to get yourself a little gift to relax in and enjoy over the Winter Break! You’ve worked tirelessly this semester on countless projects, presentations, tests, and essays; it’s time to unwind and relax. River + Stone offers several pieces perfect for relaxing in during those days you get to (finally!) ignore your responsibilities, watch hours of Netflix in bed, and not worry about missing a class. This holiday season, be sure to add the River + Stone Women’s Pajama Set to your shopping cart! This set features a grey shirt with red-and-white detailing and is a flawless way to embrace your Red Fox pride while relaxing at home! The set also features an adorable pair of striped shorts with little ruffles on the bottom! Have a girl’s night in and cozy up with some friends, popcorn, and your favorite movie and enjoy! For running errands around town during the break, River + Stone has a comfortable yet chic T-Shirt that features the name of several key fashion cities in addition to Marist! Guys, River + Stone has something for you, too! The Men’s Marist Joggers are soft, and perfect for lounging around and hanging out. img_9887

River + Stone merchandise can be located at MPorium in Donnelly Hall. Be sure to stop by to check out the wide variety of present-ready pieces that are sure to wow this Holiday season!


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