Bringing River + Stone Back Home

By: Catherine Sloat- Class of 2020

There is nothing quite like going home for the holidays. Being reunited with your family, seeing your friends, or even getting the time to actually decompress from hectic school life, there is something extremely comforting about returning home. Whether you’re going back to your hometown for the holidays or heading to a relative’s house it’s always hard leaving campus. What makes leaving a place a little easier, even if it is for a short time, is being able to take a little piece of that place with you. MPorium’s very own River + Stone has a wide variety of items for men and women that makes leaving campus just little bit easier.


I think one thing college students look forward to the most about going home is the ability to just lounge around all day without the worry of having an assignment due or a test. There is no better way to relax than throwing on comfy clothes and binge watching Netflix.

For the ladies River + Stone has a wide variety of clothing that is comfortable while still giving you the opportunity to bring a little piece of your home away from home to your actual home. My personal favorite is the the thermal jogger pants. They are light weight so if you are traveling they are perfect to pack away without weighing down your bag. They also are thermal so they are incredibly warm, super comfortable, and absolutely adorable. Aside from the joggers there are student designed trendy t-shirts that can make lounging around the house effortlessly chic.

img_6274If you are a guy the shirts and jackets are perfect. You cannot go wrong with either of them. These jackets and sweatshirts are not your typical Marist gear. They are subtle pieces of apparel designed by students while still representing Marist spirit. Comfortable and stylish for any man looking for the best of both worlds.

Even if you aren’t looking to buy anything for yourself there is a plethora of different types of gifts for any person. Whether it’s a bracelet for your mom, or a sweatshirt for your brother, River + Stone has everything to make leaving your home away from home, for the holidays, just a little bit easier.


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