Celebrating Thanksgiving Abroad

By: Kasey Curran- Class of 2018

Thanksgiving is the start to the most amazing time of year.

Despite being abroad and missing all the fall festivities, the start to the holiday season is never the less a good one. Here in London, it seems to have gone straight from summer to winter and Holiday decorations were being put up before Halloween had arrived. Being American, this is odd considering we have one very important holiday before the Christmas, Chanukah and Holiday season. This year my Thanksgiving is going to be a little different, a little less turkey and stuffing and more culturally embracing.

London is a melting pot of many cultures so I am sure to find a Thanksgiving celebration somewhere, especially in my flat whom all of my flat mates are American. But, I want to take a different route and explore London while paying attention to the actual things I can be thankful for, rather than paying attention to the food. I draw inspiration from the River + Stone Mantra, “The River runs through the hearts of all of us. Our beliefs built upon grey stone, we create with Marist in our hearts and innovation in our minds. We pioneer new ways to define ourselves as Red Foxes. Our inspiration for today draws upon our appreciation of the past. We believe in that kind of thread that ties us together. Because while we may all be cut from a different cloth, there is a river that connects us together as family. We are River +Stone.” This mantra has inspired me to connect with other humans and focus on what brings us together, a perfect fit for this Thanksgiving.

I am beyond grateful for Marist’s study abroad opportunity and for London in general. Traveling throughout Europe these past few months and living in the best city in the world has been incredible. London has taught me many things about myself and for that I am thankful. So this holiday focus on what you’re thankful for and how you’ve discovered it. Spend time with family, cozy up in a pair of River + Stone joggers and enjoy the little things that make you thankful.


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