Stand Up To Cancer

By: Nicole Foster- Class of 2018


Cancer– a word that no one likes to hear but nearly everyone is somehow affected by. At fourteen years old, I knew cancer as a terrible disease and but it was nothing I could ever relate to, that was until my own diagnosis of leukemia. After spending nearly all of my high school years being treated for leukemia, I now have a new perspective on what cancer is and how it affects everyone, not just those fighting their own battles.
Enduring cancer treatment was hands down the most challenging experience of my life. As I spent several years in and out of the hospital undergoing intensive chemotherapy I began to realize how cancer affects everyone, not just myself. Fortunately, I had a wonderful support system comprised of my family, friends and people from my community thinking of me and helping in anyway they can. For many of my high school peers, I was the first person they knew who had cancer–but unfortunately, I will never be the last. The diagnosis that once made me cry tears as a fourteen year old in a hospital bed, has now empowered me speak out and stand up to cancer through volunteer efforts and fundraising for the organization that saved my life.

Many of us here at Marist have known someone who has had cancer or might be a survivor like myself. Cancer patients, survivors, and those we have lost to cancer need your help and your unity to Stand Up To Cancer–which is exactly what River + Stone is supporting in their campaign “Foxes Fight Cancer”. The organization Stand Up To Cancer is revolutionizing the way we defeat this disease by accelerating innovative cancer research to save lives now. Celebrities and various public figures are spreading the message to Stand Up To Cancer, to share their support and help individuals currently to make way for improvements in the future.

River + Stone is particularly proud of supporting an organization that not only aims to defeat cancer, but unify people from all walks of life for one cause–similar to their mission as a brand here at Marist.

All Marist students have a connection to cancer and this event will show how we can stand together and Stand Up To Cancer.

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