River + Stone Shaped Identity

Growing up almost 5,750 miles away from Poughkeepsie truly shaped me into the young woman I am today. Influenced by both Eastern and Western culture has allowed me to see the world through two different perspectives. This allows me to see the best in people no matter their race, religion, or gender. River + Stone reiterates what I have been exposed to while growing up.

In Jordan, we do not have the same public school opportunities that are offered to children here, in the USA. Due to the poor educational conditions, most kids go to private British or American schools, that are equivalent to American public school systems. At these schools, students are required to wear a uniform.

Prior to attending high school, I did not understand why this was necessary. Being fashion-forward, I did not understand why everyone had to wear khakis, a blue or white button down, a tie and a blazer! Yet I did what I was told. I went to school on the first day in uniform and sat in a huge auditorium with my colleagues. On my first day attending an American based, prep high school, the dean of students informed us that we represented the school whenever we were in uniform. This idea stuck with me and I understood why we all wore the same style. The first reason was to equalize everyone and the second for identity purposes. I was somewhat able to deal with this, despite the occasional attempts to fight the system.

After graduating high school and starting at Marist, I was introduced to River + Stone. Like most students, I thought it was the Marist brand, but, soon realized that it was not! River + Stone and their iconic vintage images illustrate a thick, culture-infused history that does not discriminate. River+Stone represent the students at Marist,and is something I hold close to my heart. This gives us all the chance to connect with one another on a neutral level, just like a school uniform. River + Stone gives anyone wearing the apparel to feel equal, to feel accepted and to feel like they are part of a family.

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