What It Means To be a Brand Rep

I am River + Stone.

Much teaching in regards to modern philosophy is predicated on a novelty conclusion: “I think, therefore I am.” If any of you are experiencing PST from Philosophy 101 and vomiting at the thought of a man named René Descartes, I offer my sincerest apologizes.

Look at it from my perspective: separate the opaqueness from this phrase to uncover blatant simplicity shining as clear as Paul Revere’s lantern in the Old North Church.

The declarative “I am” poses an indelible power; “I am hungry,” “I am American,” etc., yields no lost to confidence. The resilience behind such pronouncements are pure and true, an insight to both one’s branding of personal character.

For me to embody the mantra “I am River + Stone,” note myself a brand rep, and speak positively and truly about River + Stone, to me, sings a great deal in favor of the ideals I represent as a person. Reputation is everything, why would I suggest support for an idea that does not align with my principles?

I admire River + Stone for their humble beginnings, for their malleability, for their resilience. A composite that can roll with the punches, take suggestions and formulate something bigger and better than what it was even a day prior, is locomotive progress.

I have been a R+S brand rep for three years now. I will never fault the people behind the brand for the capacity to try, their vision to excel. What would R+S be today without that element of trying?

My father used to holler at us every morning while we waited at the curb for school–I say holler because he literally projected across the entire neighborhood like a rooster–for my siblings and I to “Get an A in trying.” Success is no first rough draft, success is more like the thirteenth revision twice removed and given a facelift. All we can hope for is to aspire to do great things and love what we are doing in the meantime.

I confidently endorse the phrase “I am River + Stone” because I admire the entrepreneurial fire it calls to mind. The brand, through ups and downs, ins and outs, becomes more attractive as the once dreams encapsulate and culminate in reality.

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