River + Stone Inspired by Music

By Kevin Dingelstedt; Class of ’17

River + Stone offers a unique line of clothing and accessories inspired, designed, and created by Marist Students and Faculty. Every student has a unique story and an individual experience, that is often hard to put into words. We decided to create our first River + Stone playlist to encompass the feelings students have about River + Stone and their overall Marist experience.

To hear the whole playlist follow River + Stone  on Spotify (@Kevin Thomas).

We asked our fellow Brand Reps for some contributions.

Brian Edsall

To Ü by Jack Ü


Whenever I think of River + Stone, the one song that comes to mind is To Ü by Jack Ü. When I was a sophomore, this particular song played at the trunk show on one of the playlists and now it reminds me of that event. This song reminds me of the beginning of what is now an amazing program.  

Lulu Colon-Fuentes

Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub


The main reason this song reminds me of River & Stone is because it is the song we chose for the Silver Needle Runway 2016 show when student models from Marist, modeled River + Stone apparel. It has such a happy beat and it is impossible not to smile when listening to it.

Gina Jadelis

Different Colors by Walk the Moon.


The song is about being young and wild, and turning the dial all the way to the right. I feel there is a great group of people at Marist, where we all connect with one another and have a great time. There is also a line in the chorus that states “we’re different colors,but we carry each other”, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe River + Stone.

Bernadette Hogan

Vienna by Billy Joel


First off, it’s my absolute favorite song. Second, the other-worldly, hopeful feeling it gives reminds me of the feeling I have at school. The morning fog on the river giving way to clear waters and simple sunshine, the ever green grass; just the life and purity of the place. River + Stone is a brand that reflects that purity of nature and person. I love the message it represents.

Ryan Guzhnay

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros


The lyrics to Home expresses that home isn’t a specific place but rather the people. Within a couple of weeks into my first semester at Marist, I began to call Marist my home. This was not because I was living here, but rather because I started to create relationships with strangers who, within a short period of time, became family to me. River + Stone is not just a brand at Marist, but rather an expression that we are a community of people past, present, and future. Regardless of when you attended Marist, we all have memories with these “strangers” by the Hudson River that have become long lasting relationships. Greystone represents the origins of Marist, thus the spark that brought and continues to bring us together. Marist is our home, not because we lived here for four years but rather it’s where the friendships that last a lifetime began.

Kevin Dingelstedt 

All These Things I’ve Done by The Killers


Something about this song reminds me of my incredible four years at Marist. It makes me look back on all the great memories I’ve made; from traveling abroad, to joining my fraternity (Theta Delta Chi), to becoming a brand rep, and to all the great friends I’ve made along the way. What better way to remember the school I love so much than our unique R+S line, which exemplifies the same feeling.

Katie Kilgallen

September by Earth Wind and Fire


This is the first song that comes to mind because when I think of River + Stone. I think of how excited I am to come back to Marist in the fall after a long summer and how excited I am to sport the fabulous fall fashions around campus.

Bri Panasiuk

Home by Philip Philips


This song reminds me of the overall college experience. “As we roll down this unfamiliar road,” we do not know what lies ahead within the future semesters, or after graduation. Even though our future is unclear, “just know you’re not alone.” River + Stone connects the Marist community and reminds us that we are at Marist because it is where we want to be. Seeing students wearing a symbol of the school we love is a reminder that Marist, including River + Stone, is “going to make this place your home.”

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