Fashion Provides a Passport

14492332_1538173979541875_5962625651311540975_nBy: Bernadette Hogan, Class of 2017

Fashion, in the pejorative sense, receives an almost discrediting rep upon face value. “Fashion is silk buttoned clothes, beautiful girls sporting chic style with a martini and olive in one hand, red lipstick poised in the other,” one may contest. And yet, fashion offers a completely unmarked slate to those with a passion to explore and achieve the apex and extols of all to be offered in the industry. The diversity, the opportunity, and the explanatory gap bridging face value and an understanding of what is to be accomplished is a territory to be traveled.

In life, those with an open mind and heart fall upon their passions willingly and unexpectedly. They walk outside of the box and create their futures, rather than allow someone or something to mold another checkpoint for themselves. They see the many experiences and options in front of them with a flavor and a courage, pizazz and color.

The Marist campus is situated on the banks of the Hudson River, the gorgeous land-lapping body of water from which the name “River & Stone” derived its birthright. The extension of the history and legacy of the Hudson Valley is infused in the brand, and all students who wear the clothing do not simply “wear the clothing.” They continue the memory: the idea that natural beauty and inspiration are what human beings strive to emulate and express in all areas of creativity. 14462878_1526030447422895_6505641839541210175_n

Fashion provides a passport with which to transverse boundaries and say “yes” to things one may have never dreamed about before. Fashion is sustainability at its finest because when the line between reality and future and creative visualization is melded into one, a purpose is fulfilled and as Plato reflected, “The measure of a man is what he does with his power.” The power to create, to see, to think and perform and work towards one’s goals is all a person can hope to achieve. If one looks at the evolution of River & Stone and Mpoirum throughout the past four years, it is impossible to contest the viability, the earned effervescence of the brand and what this new legacy has to offer.

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