Taking You Back To The Beginning

Home noun: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. Whether you’re pledging your allegiance to your freshman dorm, studying abroad, or have graduated and are coming back for alumni weekend, we all know that we have found our home: Marist College. We are permanently connected to our Red Fox nation, not just by our degree, but the family we meet on campus and the experiences that happen within the four years of attending Marist College.
We only have 4 short years at Marist, and then it all becomes a form of history. We know how Marist has grown over the past few decades, and River + Stone ties that history though our collections.
From T-shirts commemorating Former President Dennis J. Murray, to our rugby jersey with a small decal of Greystone, River + Stone finds creative ways to incorporate our school’s history in our school spirit.
Looking back at the evolution of River + Stone:
In 2012, President Murray visited the Florence campus, and took notice of Europeans fashionably sporting apparel from another school. Taking into consideration our fashion program, President Murray thought “why doesn’t Marist have a line of fashion forward collegiate wear?” He shared his idea with students and faculty, and the “Marist Brand” was born.
River + Stone debuted it’s first collection in the Fall semester of 2013. Fashion Merchandising capstone students collaborated with faculty and used images from the College’s archives to create a vintage inspired collection, with a modern twist.
The first collection paid tribute to Lowell Thomas, a pioneer for our global mission and communications program, along with Nelly Goletti, who was a singer and who our theater is named after. The collection also paid attention to the real star of our campus: the river. The Poughkeepsie Regatta was a varsity competition where rowing teams across the nation competed in our very own town. To this day, River+Stone still focuses on incorporating the crew team in it’s apparel.
River+Stone’s mission is for everyone in the Marist family to feel some sort of a connection. Current students, staff, and faculty are showing off their college pride, and appreciation of this developing private-label collection. By incorporating Marist’s history, it doesn’t matter what year you graduated from Marist, alumni can showcase River + Stone with a sense of nostalgia and comfort.
Being abroad, I wear my River + Stone to make me feel more at home. It is a little piece of Marist that I bring to Italy. While we can’t stay at Marist forever (as much as we all would like to) River + Stone allows us to bring a little piece of our Marist home, wherever our lives take us.

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