River +Stone Versatility


After walking around Marist College campus for an hour or so, I noticed a great deal of people representing our River+Stone assortment. So, I decided to approach a few people and ask them about our versatile merchandise. I asked:

1- What their favorite River+Stone item is?

2- Where they like to wear their River+Stone?

And finally,

3- If they believe they get their money’s worth when purchasing River+Stone?


My first encounter was Nicole Foster, Class of 2018.

  • Boxy top
  • While lounging in the house
  • Yes, I do I feel like the clothes are comfortable and casual enough to wear everywhere yet I can look put together.




Then, I met with Tala Shawwa, Class of 2018

  • Male tee with football player
  • Marist tailgates
  • Of Course, I can dress it up and dress it down, I don’t feel like an outfit repeater when wearing it. I can wear it with all my shoes


Then I encountered Mariah Cristian, Class of 2018

  • Coordinates collection necklace
  • Literally everywhere, it’s a great accessory. I feel like I can be close to home, even when I am not at Marist.
  • Yes, Its very dainty but super durable, and made of great quality.




And I also bumped into Elie Christoforides, Class of 2020

  • 6 pack custom beer proof tee
  • Back in Brooklyn
  • Yes, 100%. It’s a staple piece to have in my wardrobe, I can throw it on with a pair of jeans or joggers and just go.




My final encounter was Mehdi Owji, Class of 2017

  • Sterling silver cufflinks
  • All my job interviews
  • Yes, for sure! It’s a talking point when being interviewed for jobs, it almost gives me a leg.



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