Happy National Coffee Day

By Gina Jadelis
Coffee— it’s the common denominator for all college students. We drink it in the morning to wake us up, throughout the day to keep us going, and late at night to push us through those all nighters.  The caffeine pulses through our veins and allows us to ace our classes, AND work an internship AND get full priority points.
Going abroad I knew it was going to be hard to find “American” coffee in Florence. I knew that going without coffee for three months was not an option, but I also can’t bear the thought of downing an espresso. So I tried a few different coffees, and I’m still trying to figure out “my order” But for now, here’s some of the biggest differences between coffee at home and abroad.
Americans Make Coffee, Italians Make Art.
In the US, I’m lucky if my Barista spells my name correctly. In Italy, every cup of cappuccino is a work of art, whether there’s a sunset, flower, or Duomo in your cup, it’s almost too pretty to drink. The best part about it? A cappuccino like the one pictured is less than 2 euro! Can you even get a kiddie cup at Starbucks for that much?
On The Go Takes On A New Meaning
At Marist, you can pop in a K-cup, put your Mporium mug underneath and run to class all under 5 minutes. In Italy it is different. Bringing a drink with you isn’t as common. To get a coffee on the go in Italy, you would stand at the counter of a cafe or bar. If you have some extra time you can sit down, but if you’re in a rush you just stand at the counter, drink your caffe Americana and go on your way!
Good Luck Trying To Find Pumpkin Spice—- Or Any Other Flavor
The Pumpkin Spice Latte has become a phenomena in coffee shops around the US. But it’s not just the PSL. From Hazelnut to French Vanilla, to Peppermint, coffees (and creamers) can take on many different flavor forms. Italians stick to the basics. Straight up espresso or cappuccino are the most common. Every once in awhile you may stumble upon a Caffe Macchiato or even some Nutella infused but for the most part, all coffee has the same, strong flavor.
Whether you’re a die-hard Dunkin fan, or a loyal Starbuck’s customer, national coffee day is definitely a day to be celebrated with your favorite cup of Joe.  So, wherever you are, take a break, grab your River+Stone mug, and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee.
-Written by Gina Jadelis, one of our MPorium Brand Reps.

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