We’re back and better than ever

Hello Marist College students,

img_6501It’s a
new semester, and we are 17 members strong with 5 members studying around the globe, and we’re ready to show our pride in River+Stone, and Marist apparel.

River+Stone is our emerging, private label brand developed by students and faculty in the Marist Fashion program. Products feature original collegiate Marist symbols and archived pictures depicting Marist’s rich heritage.
River+Stone is sold exclusively at MPORIUM, Marist’s student-run enterprise on campus located in Donnelly Fashion Plaza, open on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
As brand ambassadors, we emulate the heart and soul of River+Stone across campus and around the world.

We represent a variety of majors and school years on campus. We balance work, studies, sports, clubs and friends…. We are River+Stone, we’re bigger and better than ever, and ready for a new semester!

So let’s get started Red Foxes! 

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