An Ode to River + Stone

By: Jamie Phillips

It’s no secret that River + Stone has evolved and flourished since its initial launch in the Fall 2013 semester. It’s success can only be accredited to the students and faculty, who have made this brand what it is today, and, of course, the customers. Some have loved the brand since its original state of archived photos and some have been drawn to the more recent styles, but all recognize that it has become something special.

A member of the Class of 2016, Mike McClatchey described River + Stone as “a step above your average college merchandise.” Students being so heavily involved in the process of the brand, from development to merchandising to marketing, is what has brought Mike to purchase many River + Stone products. “I love supporting my friends by wearing their designs, and I benefit as well from getting to own some unique Marist gear.”

The Senior Accountant in the Business Office, Suzanne Schroeder, recalls seeing someone walking around campus in the Marist spirit jersey and instantly searching the bookstore with no luck. She then realized that it must be from River + Stone. To her, the best part of this brand is the unique touches of Marist, which can be seen through her favorite items, the women’s t-shirt with the building names listed on the back and the coordinates of Marist College bracelet.


With the growth of River + Stone came the growth of MPorium. What used to be a boutique that housed mainly jewelry, is now an enterprise that sells a much wider variety of products and credits River + Stone for the majority of their sales. Nobody has seen this development of both the brand and the store more than the staff and faculty who work in Donnelly.

Margaret Monti, the Card Office Coordinator, stops by everyday to collect Marist Money purchases. She has seen MPorium through every semester and said that “the creation of River + Stone has really added to the enterprise.” She further explained that the men’s clothing allows MPorium to cater to more customers and tap into a new market.


One of the biggest accomplishments has been allowing the customers to grow with River + Stone. Gina Jadelis from the Class of 2018 is a brand rep and a very loyal customer. She owned her first item when she spotted a sweatshirt that was unlike any other college apparel on the Marist Fashion Instagram page and made her friend send it to her. From there she became friends with two of the students who developed the brand rep program and saw the work that went into it, becoming inspired. “I saw how much work they put into the program and I was thrilled to carry on their legacy as a brand rep after they graduated.”

River + Stone has played a crucial role in Gina’s Marist experience. Whether you wear the brand everyday like her, or you simply admire it while walking past MPorium, the River + Stone team hopes that you can look to them for Marist products.

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