Spotlight: Abbie Tyler & Katherine Hines

By: Jennifer Nevin

Each semester hundreds of students travel abroad to explore the unique culture and architecture. Our students develop an extremely loving relationship with the city where they study. To capitalize on this adoration, River + Stone introduced a series of international t-shirts, highlighting three main abroad locations, London, Paris, and Italy, to allow students to show their love for the city where they explored and studied. The students who designed these three t-shirts are members of the Fashion Graphics course, Abbie Tyler and Katherine Hines. I had the opportunity to speak with them about the class specifically and how they were inspired to create these River + Stone pieces.

The class, under the direction of Professor Michael Johnson, meets once a week to develop graphic skills on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The students are given creative freedom to produce graphics for River + Stone, Fashion Show Production, and personal projects. Both Abbie and Katherine enjoy being in the class because it allows the students to put their skills to the test and have their ideas come to life. They said that it is an incredibly rewarding feeling to have their graphics produced for River + Stone and to see them on the selling floor.

Each student had different creative processes. Abbie developed the London and Paris graphics and grabbed her inspiration from word clouds, which are different combinations of words that are placed together to make a shape. To start her process she chose the two most famous landmarks from each city, which makes customers instantly recognize where this shirt represents. Abbie formed the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben with a grouping of French and British words respectively. While Abbie herself did not study abroad, she did travel to England for her high school senior class trip, which gave her a better understanding of which words would provoke emotions from those who studied there. Katherine created the Italy graphic, which depicts the outline of the country behind the word “Marist” with a bottle as the “i.” She had originally created a similar graphic for France with the “a” as the Eiffel Tower. Professor Johnson loved the design and wanted her to create the same concept for Italy.

These t-shirts are the perfect addition to both your closet and Abbie and Katherine’s portfolios. Grab yours to keep your abroad memories alive.

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