Meet our new Brand Reps!

We have elected six new and enthusiastic students to join our team of River + Stone Brand Reps. These students are ready to show off their Marist pride and spread the word about this brand across campus. Get to know them here first, then head over to the Brand Rep page to read their full rep bios and see how to you can stalk them on social media!

BriannaName: Brianna Panasiuk

Year: Freshman

Major: English

Minor: Women’s Studies

Hello world! My name is Brianna Panasiuk or Bri. I am from Las Vegas, Nevada, but not everything that happens there stays there, because I am loving it here at Marist! Even though I have only been here for a short time, I have loved every moment of it. Marist is incredible because of the amazing student body and sense of community, but my favorite part is being able to look out at the river at any time of day. As my first year as a Brand Rep, I am looking forward to meeting new people and proudly representing the school I love. If you see me around campus, don’t be shy, come say hi!


IMG_2830Name: Brooke DiPalma

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications; Concentration: Public Relations, Journalism

Minor: Political Science

Hey there everyone, my name is Brooke DiPalma! Here at Marist, I’ve grown to find a family away from home–West Islip, New York. Here at Marist College, we don’t just go to classes and go home, we gain an experience, meet a (red fox) family, and create relationships that I know will last a lifetime. We have to believe in each other and foster each other’s dreams and aspirations, after all you could be wearing a design by the next Michael Kors if you come to River + Stone–don’t miss your chance, I know I won’t! As the founder of a nonprofit organization, P.S. I Love You Day, Inc., I love spreading the love and meeting new people, so if you see me around campus, introduce yourself, say hey, and I’ll be sure to share the newest insight of River + Stone to you, exclusively of course.


CamName: Cameron Smith

Year: Freshman

Major: International Business

Hola everybody!!!! My name is Cameron Smith, and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia (whoot whoot!). I live in the Lion’s den or Leo. The main thing that makes Marist stand out more than any other college for me personally is the scenery. Everything about Marist is completely picturesque from winter to the summer, and I love every minute of it. Also, a lot of the people on campus are pretty accepting and very easy to get along with! Well anyway, that’s enough about me. I can’t wait to start representing River + Stone and getting to know everyone!


FrankName: Frank Caponegro

Year: Sophomore

Major: Media Studies and Production; Concentration: TV/Film

Minors: Global Studies, Psychology

Hi! My name is Frank Caponegro and I am from Garden City, NY. Here at Marist I currently live in Midrise on the first floor and love it tremendously. Marist is my home away from home, and I love every second I have to walk this campus and experience the college in every way possible. Long walks down to the river, late nights in Lowell Thomas, and giving tours to prospective families are just a few of the many things that are amazing about this campus, and I can’t wait to do them for the two years I have left here!


KatieName: Katie Braver

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Marketing

Minor: Advertising

Hi everybody! My name is Katie Braver, and I am from Commack, New York, which is located on Long Island. I am currently living on the fifth floor of Midrise and loving it! I love attending a school that offers so many opportunities to get involved. At Marist, I am never scared to try something new due to the welcoming and inspiring environment this beautiful campus creates. I am looking forward to all of the new opportunities I will find myself indulging in over the next two years of my time here. One of these experiences will be studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the Fall 2016 semester! I can’t wait to get to know all of you!


MattName: Matt Mazzoni

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Administration; Concentration: Finance

Minor: Sports Communication

Hello hello! I’m Matt Mazzoni, and I’m from in Carmel, New York, which I am happy to say is not very far from Marist. Next year, I hope to take my studies and adventures to beautiful Florence, Italy! I can’t wait to travel all over the world and experience things I never imagined I could possibly do! At the end of the day, there is nothing better than everyone’s best friend, Netflix. A little Friday Night Lights or Dexter to end the night is perfect way to fall asleep in my eyes. I am honored to be a Brand Rep, wear my classmate’s clothing, and represent Marist in any way I can!


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