Alumni Perspective

By: Nacho Borbolla & Alex Kramer

Alex: As a 2015 graduate deciding to study Fashion Merchandising at Marist College was the best decision I made for the career I have today. I am currently working at Macy’s Corporate Offices in NYC as a Product Assistant. Everyday is a new experience and I am always being challenged to take the knowledge I gained in the classroom at Marist College and to apply it to my job. I firmly believe that if it wasn’t for the Fashion Merchandising program and River + Stone, I would not have the skill set and experience I have today.


Nacho: I’m at 2015 graduate of Marist and during my time in college, I was given the opportunity to be a Brand Rep for River + Stone. I was thrilled for the opportunity, because I not only had the chance to represent Marist College, but was able to incorporate some amazing products into my daily wardrobe. Because I was one of the first River + Stone Brand Reps, I really got to see the program and brand in general grow and evolve into what it is now. My favorite part of this brand is that the students are heavily involved in the development of each and every product. Seeing some of my fellow classmates pieces being sold at MPorium and even featured at the Silver Needle Runway show just how many opportunities the Marist Fashion department offers to their students.


Alex: As a major part of my capstone project, my group was given the task to create and implement the Brand Rep program for River + Stone. It was an amazing opportunity to work with students from different classes and majors, as well as gain a better understanding of what type of products the college student is looking to buy. It is great to see that this program is continuing and growing. I believe this program gives students an opportunity to be involved in River + Stone that are outside of the Fashion Program, as well as real-life experiences that can be used in their everyday lives.


Nacho: After graduating from Marist, I still incorporate my favorite River + Stone pieces into my outfits and receive compliments everywhere I go. These pieces remind me of all the great times I had at Marist College, memories shared throughout campus, and knowing that I will always have the support of the Marist community.


Alex: As an alumnus, I still wear my favorite River + Stone pieces and proudly represent the Marist College community. My new favorite item is the grey joggers! I am always receiving compliments on them and my fellow alumnae are always asking where they can get their own. River + Stone proves that giving students real-life experiences on campus is what sets Marist College students apart from the rest.

I can’t wait to see what the students continue to design in the future years, as I will always be a River + Stone Brand Rep!

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