How to Survive Spring Break

By: Ali Ayers

1. Invest in a pair great sunglasses

Whether you’re going to a tropical destination or spending the time at home, with springtime approaching, it is essential to have a pair of sunnies you love.tumblr_o3mtsnsk4O1twwx4do1_500


2. Don’t skip the SPF

SPF is essential for everyday use as it can prevent the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin cancer. Lather it on your face or your whole body if you’re spending the day in the sun.


3. Use the buddy system

If you’re traveling out of the country, pick a buddy you can rely on to keep each other safe. Make good choices and stay by each other’s sides.


4. Plan the perfect road trip

It’s not too late to go away this spring break even if you don’t have a flight booked yet. Get out a map and pick your dream destination. Grab a few friends, pack up the car, and stay at a cheap hotel.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


5. Remember to pick up a souvenir

You’ll want to remember your travels, and while some of the memories may be blurry, a souvenir can act as that precious memorabilia. If you’re not going away this spring break, pick up the River + Stone spring break tee to show your Marist pride.IMG_8923


6. Jam out

For traveling or just hanging around the house, an upbeat, fun playlist is a must. Platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud have the latest in spring break playlists so search there or make your own.


7. DON’T stay thirsty

While that might not be an issue for most, remember to stay hydrated with the proper fluids especially if you’re going to be out in the blazing sun all day. Pick up a tumbler you love and bring it wherever you go.tumblr_nr8l18DBfl1qd45ayo1_1280


8. Do it for the Insta

No matter what you’re doing, snapping that Instagram worthy photo makes it all worthwhile.


9. Take a break from being a Red Fox

If you’re staying around for spring break, chances are some of your home friends will not be on break. Get a change of pace by visiting their schools.


10. Have fun!

Whether you are a senior and this is your last spring break or a freshman and it is your first, remember to have fun. Midterms are grueling and you deserve a break, treat yo’ self and relax.5bdf196482466c7ca77ef788027ad345

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