Styling: Celebrity Inspiration

By: Ali Ayers

One of the latest trends is being able to look effortlessly cool while remaining stylish and cutting edge. Casual and comfortable clothing is now being utilized as high fashion. Celebrities have been seen rocking minimal looks on both the red carpet and running errands. The latest, most talked about shows during NYFW, such as Tory Burch and Adidas, have been showcasing casual wear. The Yeezy collection is also heavily based on the idea of trendy, laid back clothing. Here are some causal wear looks recreated from some of our favorite celebrities using River + Stone pieces. Dress just like the stars while showing off your Marist pride.

Joe Jonas

joe-jonas-adidas-ysl P1070858

Jonas is one of the many celebs rocking minimal style while looking put together and fashionable. Our model is rocking a River + Stone sweatshirt with simple jeans and sneakers. This look is an easy outfit to throw on for a day of class.

Gigi Hadid

Even-white-tee-jeans-Stan-Smiths-Gigi-turned-heads P1070879

Model Gigi Hadid doesn’t need to wear an evening gown to look gorgeous. Simply rocking a tee, ripped light wash jeans, and white sneakers, she looks effortlessly chic while running errands. Throw on your favorite jeans and sunglasses with any River + Stone graphic tee for when you’re sprinting out of the door for the day.

Zac Efron

bd74f2077ec52c1b22d62b5789defa9d P1070892

As almost all of us swoon over Zac Efron’s looks, the handsome actor also has impeccable style. Layering a simple overcoat with a tee and scarf, he looks professional, yet realxed. We styled this similar look with a River + Stone long sleeve tee, layering like Zac, which will be essential for the upcoming spring days that will be cold in the morning and warmer in the afternoon.

Kendall Jenner

b2c31ac08a861c7aaa80fabe70f63ccb P1070908

Kendall Jenner decided to look fashionable and comfortable by layering a sweatshirt under a leather jacket and paired with booties. We love this look for those days you need to be put together, but want an easy option. Our model is rocking a River + Stone sweater under a leather jacket paired with leggings for extra comfort.

Scott Disick

article-2307818-193F2044000005DC-740_634x1007 P1080011

If anyone knows anything about style, it’s Lord Scott Disick. The Lord is spotted out in a go-to flannel and light wash jeans. This look is easy for anyone to recreate. Throw on your favorite flannel and our River + Stone 1929 tee and you are good to go.

Ariana Grande

qnxe51gl P1080018

Hollywood sweetheart Ariana Grande is known for her feminine, classic looks, but here she is looking hip while rocking a beanie and a plain sweater. We recreated this look with a River + Stone beanie and long sleeve tee, pairing it with a River + Stone tote bag. Another stylish, yet easy outfit, perfect for a long day of class or work.

Models: Nolan Carl & Lindsey King

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