Styling: Day to Night

By: Sheridan Wagner

Styled by: Sheridan Wagner and Melissa Carlay Teaser text here

This semester River + Stone has a wide variety of new products for both men and women. Melissa and I decided to choose two of our favorite new shirts to show how you can style them from day to night. I chose one of our five new Beerproof™ shirts for men (and in this case, for women too) and Melissa decided to model our brand new crop top.


IMG_1385-2During the day Melissa kept it casual and edgy for class wearing black leather pants, slip on shoes, a black sweater, and a leather backpack.
As for me I love the athletic wear trend, so for my day look I kept it very casual and comfortable wearing black leggings, tennis shoes, and a black athletic wear zip up. This is great for class or a nice walk on the walking bridge. 


IMG_1449-2This crop top is so fun and flowy that you can easily take it day to night just by throwing on some heels and a faux fur jacket like Melissa did. Tie a flannel around your waist and wear a statement necklace for some added flare and you’re ready for a night out.

For my look throw on some black jeans or leather leggings if you’re feeling frisky, heeled booties, and a leather jacket. I spiced it up with a Lily and Laura beaded bracelet that you can also pick up at MPorium. Rock this look for dinner out with the ladies or go dancing at your favorite Po Town spot.

The best part about this shirt? If you get lost in the music and a drink gets spilled on you, it’s no problem, because this special Beerproof™ fabric will wick away the liquid like nothing ever happened!

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